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The longest journey is the journey within... towards yourself

~ Auset Ankh Re, Cultural Lifestyle Designer

A calendar forms the bases for all great and successful civilizations

The African Calendar (TAC) is meant for all interested in the course of African history. And especially for those who lost their history, culture, traditions & rituals, as people African descent (of Slavery).

The African Calendar (TAC) is created with the intent to share the many narratives of Africa and her diaspora, in full respect of her diversities. It can be used as a guide, offering new perspectives to re-establish the African cultural identity & image.

is this you?

I am interested in
the African story.

I am interested in the African story.

I want to know more about the role African history played in world history.

I want to share more of African history with my children.

I'd like to (re)connect to my ancestral legacy.

I want to know more about myself and those reflecting me.

I am well-aware of my history, but always interested in more.

The African Calendar was produced especially to make those of African descent feel acknowledged, recognized, accepted and most importantly to provide them with a sense of belonging. But it is also meant for those of non-African descent, as we believe that knowledge and the stories behind people and events lead to a better understanding and more

empathy in this world we live in, today. African history is the oldest in the world, it is where human life originated and civilization started. Africa has an amazing culture, filled with many rich traditions and valuable rituals… get re-acquainted with yourself and those reflecting you!

who are we?

Ptah Ankh Re

studied ancient African history from the age of 14, as he felt excluded from the narratives that he was brough up with. He wanted to see himself reflected and decided to learn more about his heritage. He holds an tremendous amount of knowledge and is always ready to enrich himself with more. He still attends numerous seminars, workshops, trainings, but also spoke to and interviewed a lot of people sharing their knowledge.

Auset Ankh Re

was subjected to discrimination at the early age of 5, when she was compared to Zwarte Piet (a black face character in a Dutch/Belgium traditions called Sinterklaas) by her teacher.

Learn more about the tradition here:

At the time she did not know it was discrimination, but she felt the remark was not meant as a compliment. This made an everlasting impression on her. She made the decision right there and then to never let anyone make her feel this way again. As she knew at this early age that she would not be able to change the color of her skin (not that this though ever crossed her mind), she decided to embrace herself. Her curiosity arose wanting to know the stories behind traditions after this incident. Making her very peculiar to why people think, say and do things the way they do, without thinking about how it effects other people. This led to culture and the theory of a believe-system. She is now the Cultural Lifestyle Designer… And The African Calendar is a product of that. We feel it is only right to share, that what has helped us to fully see and accept ourselves for who we are, with you!

meet the team


We find inclusivity, when valuing diversities

~ Auset Ankh Re, Cultural Lifestyle Designer

We believe in teamwork, as we are quite aware that we are not blessed with all knowledge ourselves. We are all gifted with our own unique talents from our ancestors. Collaborations to us means valuing and respecting the purpose of others. Working with people who know their worth and stand firmly in their essence is a bliss.

We were lucky enough to put together a team of the most amazing and empowering people we’ve ever met. We are very grateful for getting to know people that believe in us and are willing to grow with us as a powerful team.

We proudly introduce our dreamteam:

Giuseppe Kasimbeg

Graphic & Web designer

G. as we call Giuseppe, is the most loyal and trustworthy person we’ve ever met. He has been a friend to Auset for 6 years and later Ptah’s. G. Is the type of person who’s always on time and manages to constantly overdeliver in what he promises. He is responsible for creating this website, as well as our logo, the symbols and signs you will see all throughout this website and ofcourse also for The EPIC African Calendar. He is truly an amazing person, we honor and respect his talent, vision and contribution to finalize this concept with us.
Thank you for believing in us G!

Cindy Blanker

Affiliate Marketing Advisor

Cindy is our most trusted friend. We’ve never met a person quite like her, so genuine, so loyal, so frank. She is the friend you go to when you feel like laughing or crying, she can always help you see things from another perspective. She is honest, even if you don’t want to hear it and that, we think we value most about you. Thankh you for always having our back and being there for us at times we felt like slowing down, grateful to have you in our lives!

Sherwood Feliksdal


Sher is our sparring partner when it comes to telling our story. She makes writing fun, we literary have a blast when philosophizing and editing. Her imagination and vivid examples create clarity in the midst of the mist. Her devotion and loyalty is unparalleled. You’ve become so much more than just a friend, you are family to us!

Juanita Sno

Pher Ankh Advisor

Juanita is always surprising and spoiling us with good soulfood delights and much love to go with that. Although very busy balancing her homefront (5 & 18 year old), a 9-5 and her role at The African Calendar she is dedicated to make it succeed and we value that in her.

We are also very appreciative for your spiritual guidance you’ve offered from time to time. Our personal Pher Ankh Advisor!

Sherwood Feliksdal


Sher is our sparring partner when it comes to telling our story. She makes writing fun, we literary have a blast when philosophizing and editing. Her imagination and vivid examples create clarity in the midst of the mist. Her devotion and loyalty is unparalleled. You’ve become so much more than just a friend, you are family to us!



Salvador does most of our visuals. He's very dedicated in finding the perfect shots to express our thoughts. As serious as he can be, he can also be the one to make us laugh when least expected. Thankh you Salvador for your trust & commitment in us. Your are deeply appreciated!


Smai Taui Coach

Jacana is our Smai Taui Coach and in a short time has become a dear friend. Her energy is pure, genuine and as real as it gets. We met not too long ago, but she has already managed to create a special place in all of our hearts. With her let's get things done kind of attitude, she caught up quickly with the team.

Jacana was raised in a holistic lifestyle. She lived in Bali for over a year and a half and is a yoga-instructor, who has knowlegde of Smai Taui. She has experience in organizing retreats, which is a great asset, as we will be organizing our own signature retreats ourselves. Get ready to join us, soon. It feels like she has made our team complete!


Spiritual guide

Romano is a very wise man reflected in him as husband, father and team member of The African Calendar. His expertise as a spiritual guide is very much appreciated.

He has his own ways of getting you to connect to your truth, always surprising. Never a dull moment. If you are in need of guidance to, want to reconnect or to grow spiritually. Stay tuned for this blazing star to light up your world!

Romano is married to our Certified nutritionist Myrthel Raalte, a real powercouple. Welcome to our team Romano, welcome!


Smai Taui Coach

Myrthel is from Indonesion descent and found her purpose in food. The way she explains food, is really refreshing. Food is at the top of our priorities as it is an essential need to every human. But what you eat is far more important than to just eat anything to stop your craving. Food can be healing as much as it can go against you.

Shares with us not only which foods are nurturing and which are not? But also the why? For us to be mindful, we have to know the reasons what to be mindful of. This will allow you to make better choices for yourself, children and family.

Myrthel is married to Romano, our spiritual coach and we welcome this couple to the fullest!

Ametepe Nugloze

Financial Advisor

Ametepe has become a family-friend to us. Always open to listen and come back with sharp answers that’ll spark your brain to dive deeper into yourself. We’ve changed the model a few times and he always, without complaining adjusted to meet our desires, advising us to go left or right and providing us with the reasons why. You are always welcome in our midst!

Salvador den Dool

Photography and videography

Salvador doing most of our visuals (photography and videography). He has a sharp eye and is very passionate about his work and The African Calendar. A friend is who he has become during our collective journey.

Auset Ankh Re

Cultural Lifestyle Designer

Auset is a very authentic person, loyal to her own personality. Very aware of what she wants, her abilities and what is needed to realize the concepts birthed in her mind. Her identity and personal pursuit are always leading, but she will never neglect the wants and needs of those surrounding her. She is in full alignment with herself, a powerful attire to any person. The connection to herself, led to the connection of other like-minded people. As The African Calendar leads to the connections of us all.

Ptah Ankh Re

Sabaean Cultural Advisor

Ptah is my partner and he has always inspired and pushed me to dive deep within myself to go to the next level. He is also the visual sparring-partner to G. (Graphic designer). He is quiet most of the time, but when he says something, it is ALWAYS on point. He is also the one who can get us all to laugh from time to time. If I could chose who to love, I’d chose you time and time again, and so it is done.

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