The footprints of the past, created the compass for the future

~ Sherwood Feliksdal, Editor at The African Calendar

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A calendar is a the basis of all great and successful civilizations. It holds the function as gatekeeper, perserving the cultural legacy to a group of people and/or ethnicity. The African Calendar shares the epic story of Africa, her diaspora and shows the interweaving with world history.

TAC is a powerful tool to share ancestral wisdom & knowledge, while enriching yourself with the powerful stories behind people, events and traditions of Africa. Learn more about the mythology to the African astrology signs, the naming of the western astrology signs, the months and weekdays. Find out more about other countries of the African diaspora, who were their heroes and icons? What are their stories behind their traditions?

Connect back to your Africaness, to the essence of humanity and reinvent yourself!

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African history, African culture, African traditions, African astrology, African mythology, African symbols, Pher Ankh (African Feng Shui) and African Diaspora culture.


A2 (420 x 594 mm/42 x 59,4 cm/16,5 x 23,4 inches)


1 kilo


High, glamorous, niche, exclusive, one in a kind

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